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Etiket: kf6-kio-ftps

Introducing kio-ftps for KDE Frameworks 6

I’m one of the few people around the world who has to access some file servers with FTPS (not to be confused with FTP or SFTP) for work 🙂 Unfortunately, KDE Plasma does not directly support the ftps protocol, but a third-party kf5-kio-ftps library served me well for the good part of the last decade. Recently, KDE Plasma 6.0 & Frameworks 6.0 & Gear 24.02 have been released (kudos to the developers!), which resulted in the kio-ftps library becoming outdated and incompatible. So, long story short, I rolled up my sleeves and ported the library to KDE Plasma 6.0 🙂

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